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Transitions Coach

Doreen Petty, CPC, MS, ELI-MP

  What has to be true for you to choose a future filled with…

  Happiness? Self Care? Confidence?

What does your desired future look like?

Every significant life event comes with change – in fact, the only constant is change. When the change is significant enough, we experience a shift of identity – a transition.  Change happens, but it’s really the personal transitions around the change that truly matter. Transitions are the self-driven processes through which we define, choose, and achieve a desired future.

Change happens – what is going on in your life?


What’s in your mirror?

Whenever we go through a significant life event, our identity tends to shift with the experience. The ELI process holds a mirror up to perceptions, attitudes, & behaviors.

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Energy Leadership Development System

A transformative personal and professional development system based on 7 levels of core energy and 8 building blocks . . .

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The Law of Being

Consider the difference between “being happy” and “being happiness.”  Who you are “being” is based on your level of conscious awareness of your authentic self.

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