Coaching Programs

Create your future with coaching program at We to Me Transitions(tm)The coaching programs at We to Me Transitions™ are designed for people in transition.  We specialize in helping people navigate transitions associated with the loss of significant relationships, personal and professional. Your individual needs will determine which program is right for you. Every time we experience a significant life event, we enter into a period of transition, where we experience a shift in identity. What we believe to be true about ourselves changes and we have an opportunity to explore who we are, who we want to be, and how we will show-up in our environment – now and in the future.

People we have helped are:

  • Individuals who have left a marriage or long-term commitment and are struggling with the transition from being a couple to being a single person again,
  • Separated or Divorced couples who are struggling with the changes created in a new family dynamic,
  • Business people who have dissolved a professional partnership and are seeking clarity about their business or new professional endeavor,
  • Parents experiencing empty-nest syndrome, and looking for help with re-framing their life and redefining their relationship with adult children,
  • People who struggle with the loss of a beloved pet, and
  • In general, people experiencing a transition in their lives, related to an external factor or due to deliberately chosen positive changes.

Our Programs

All of our programs, excepting Individual Consultations, include “booster shots,” which are short interactions with a coach, generally initiated by a client, to ask questions, report progress, or just check in – via phone, e-mail or texts. Click below for Details of our Programs and Pricing:

We to Me Transitions™ is the Life Coaching Division of Doreen Petty Coaching.