Free-Form Coaching

I'm ok!For Individuals

Free-Form Coaching for Individuals is for people who have an interest in coaching, though without a particular predefined strategy.  Individuals choosing free-form coaching are exploring life’s possibilities and they often feel that their situations require a more flexible, unique, and personal approach. There is usually an impetus for seeking out coaching – it may be:

  • a significant change in one’s life that is causing some struggle or concern
  • failure to move forward on a goal that is very important
  • difficulty balancing myriad demands on time and attention
  • being overloaded, distracted, or otherwise feeling out of control
  • wishing for more out of life and looking for a way to get it
  • knowing that there is something better around the corner and tired of waiting
  • wanting to improve relationships

Or, it could be any number of other things that might be going on that will benefit from some help through coaching.  The important thing is that when you choose free-form coaching ,YOU choose the agenda and the purpose of the coaching.  Regardless of whether the focus involves goal setting, accountability partnership, breaking down barriers, developing skills, exploring and resolving things you are tolerating, or any other unique need, coaching can help you face your situations and achieve the future you desire.

Free-form coaching requires an initial commitment of 3 months and 60-90 minute coaching sessions are scheduled twice monthly.


For Groups

group of young smiling business people

Group Coaching Circles are formed when several people seek out coaching for the same purpose.  I may offer group sessions to 6-8 people who inquire about the same goal or often, groups come to me with a focus already in mind.  This may be a group of friends who all have businesses and are trying to find better balance between home and work life, or people who met through other sources and are looking for a facilitator to help them drive to a particular goal. Either way, groups are formed based on similar issues (e.g., loss of relationship, significant life changes, or other transitional experience).  Topics are created and agendas are set by the group and the coach facilitates discussions and introduces assignments, tools, and techniques taht are helpful to personal development or progress towards personal goals.  A 6-month initial commitment is typical in the free-form coaching circles.

A benefit to forming a group with which to enter coaching is that the price per person is generally less than half that of individual coaching.  However all members of a group must purchase and participate in a Personal Discovery program.

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