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Congratulations on seeking a path back to happy.

Whenever we go through a significant life event, our sense of identity tends to shift with the experience and it can disrupt our vision of what it means to be happy. There are a number of significant life transitions that effect a personal struggle and an identity shift, such as:

  • A divorce or end of a committed, long-term relationship
  • The loss of a loved one through death
  • The loss of a job or business
  • Recovery from a significant illness for oneself or a loved one
  • Changing family dynamics, such as empty-nesting
  • Retirement
  • The loss of a beloved pet

Getting on the path back to happyAny time there is a significant change to what you believe to be true about your life and your environment, it causes a fundamental shift in how you see your own identity and how you show up in the world.

Arguably, this shift is greatest when we’ve tied our identities to another person in a marriage or long-term commitment. When a committed relationship ends through divorce, separation, or death, the sense of belonging to a “We” identity often ends with it. Getting back to happy is faster and more effective when you can envision and work towards building a “Me” identity – one that works towards a chosen and well-imagined future. All too often, the transition from “We” to “Me” is a minefield of anger, distrust, loss of confidence, fear, resentment, feelings of failure, and other negative emotions that impede forward progress towards a positive, happy future. What is it going to take to get you back to happy? “We to Me Transitions™” addresses the unique experiences of people navigating the identity transition from We to Me – and seeking a path back to happiness.

Reflect for a moment:

  • If you knew you could experience your life with a clear picture of a future filled with confidence, self-trust, balance, control, and a true sense of happiness – how would you proceed today?
  • Imagine that you know you are exactly where you need to be right now to make deliberate and purposeful choices for your future – what might be true for you?
  • What might change in your day-to-day interactions if you could manage your transition with with clarity of purpose and confidence in your own choices?
  • What can be true for you if you had the tools and learned the techniques for successfully handling difficult situations, self-limiting beliefs, and negative energy?

How willing are you to commit just 60 minutes of your time to find out just how possible this is for you?

But before we get to that, you should know the tough to hear, incredibly simple, all-too-well-known-but-not-acknowledged secret about what stands in your way.

Ready for it? It’s You!

Actually, it’s your filters – it’s how you’ve learned to see and perceive everything that occurs based on your past experiences, circumstances, training, personal and professional relationships, etc. We all have these filters. It’s how our brains function. We experience something and then our brain creates a map as to what it means now and what it will mean, given similar circumstances, in the future. Every interaction retraces these maps in our memories. Unless we consciously choose our own behaviors in the face of thought and emotional triggers, our subconscious will jump in to tell us how to “show up” in that situation.

Most individuals don’t truly explore how they are showing up – and how that affects progress towards personal goals. Most people – including YOU – already have the majority of tools and knowledge about themselves that they need to achieve success in their lives. It often takes just a subtle shift in what you believe to be true about yourself, and how you show up in your environment, to reveal an overwhelming amount of new opportunities, possibilities and choices that will lead you to significantly better results and ultimate success.

When you commit to a 60-minute exploratory session, you will begin to understand your filters, you will know how they are playing out for you, and you will recognize that you’ve got tremendous choice in moving forward. This is your opportunity to get unstuck, leaving the frustration and self-doubt behind.

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“We to Me Transitions™” is a division of Doreen Petty Coaching

We offer individual and group coaching to help you explore and take control of your transition experience. Through a structured or free-form coaching process, you will learn how you show up in the world and how you can tap into the power you already have to choose and achieve the future you desire.