Doreen Petty is so very dedicated in her work to serve those around her. I love how she is able to think outside the box, and offer solutions. Doreen spent time teaching us about the KISS Tools and SWOT Analysis. This was information that no matter what industry you are in, used correctly, you should be able to apply it to gain greater results. She is sincere in all her efforts to help you and made an outstanding effort of just that, to each and every person in attendance. I love how helping everyone is at the core and is truly what drives her.

Lynn Lionhood,

Doreen's notable reputation for career services preceded her and I requested that she review my résumé. In no time at all, what I got in return was expert advice and suggestions far beyond expectations. The résumé she helped me draft not only gave me the best possible professional representation, but a deeper understanding of how to write one. It's only been posted for three days and I've already received career opportunities! Thanks, Doreen!

Andrew Hansen,

Doreen has gone beyond expectations with coaching and training while transitioning to new career. She has wonderful people skills and is a very caring person.

Judy Rippel,

Doreen Petty is an incredible coach and asset to any business person! She has a wealth of corporate experience that serves as a tremendous asset in the business world. As a fighter, I always had a coach who was watching me from the outside, while I was in the fray, and giving me strategy and advice on what moves to make next. In the world of business it is important to have a coach to help you look at and analyze your business scenarios in the same manner...with professional and well trained insight. Doreen Petty Coaching is the coach to hire if you want to take your business to the next level!

David Pareja,

I have known Doreen for over two years, She is an integral part of my business networking group. She provides great insight to the business of networking. I have also used Doreen as a business coach in my business. She is very supportive. She gives great insight but constantly keeps me responsible for my actions. She has helped me improve my profitability.

Stephen Clark,

Doreen is extremely dedicated to the clients she serves, providing them best in class services in several areas of HR including coaching and consultation for all levels of employees from entry level to senior executives. I have personally consulted with Doreen in my professional career and she has provided insight into coaching and managing employees in my organization that have led to the success of the organization. Doreen is a trusted colleague, one that I can always count on and will continue to utilize on a continual basis to assist me with the challenges of supervising a diverse workforce.

Therese Allen,

Doreen is a very energetic and knowledgeable business professional. Her coaching style and experience is an asset to anyone looking to improve their business or mindset. We clicked on our first meeting and have had a very professional and collaborative business relationship. I highly recommend her to help you take your business to another level!

Brian Basilico, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc.

I’ve worked with Doreen for about 10 years as a trusted HR partner. She has provided on target advice and counsel on HR issues over the years that has allowed me to effectively lead a variety of organizations. Beyond that she is an excellent coach, from skill diagnostics to program definition to execution coaching and feedback. As a person, she has the highest level of integrity, communication skills, and all around HR skills and knowledge. I’ve enjoyed working with her in the past and plan to keep in touch with her for years to come.

Doug Ogino,

Doreen was a great colleague to work with. Her professionalism and insights to HR were of High value to me especially when dealing with and understanding the US requirements in the multinational we both worked for. I would recommend Doreen particularly for her coaching and mentoring skills which really improve team work and efficiency in an organization

Robin Dudley Warde,

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